musical artist, restless soul


Born in Genoa, Italy, in 1977, living and working in Brussels, Belgium. 

Producing rock, jazz, worl-music, pop, avantgarde since 1995. Since 2003 owner of Rattsburg Records Label. 

Outsider, DIY, singer and multi-instrumentalist by nature, I've been mingling as composer, performer and producer with various artists coming from different domains (music, theatre, cinema, dance, visual art) and with different backgrounds (jazz, world, avantgarde, art rock, improvised music). 

 Main discography: 

2005 - SO_LO 

2009 - Emiliano Deferrari and Adriano Arena, "THE LOOP DUO". 

2010 - LIGHT EARS 

2013 - Nanaue, self titled (with Matteo Nahum, Gutenberg Music) 

2018 - MONTY 

2019 - Emiliano Deferrari, Marco Machera, self titled. 

2021 - Nanaue, "28IF".