Nanaue, 28IF, album cover

International band Nanaue releases enigmatic follow-up album eight years after debut

November 9th, 2021 - Rock band Nanaue, which was founded in Italy in the early 2010s by two friends Emiliano Deferrari and Matteo Nahum, has finally graced the world with a long awaited follow-up album, titled 28IF. This second full album is a collection of older and newer songs that the band have amassed over their ten years of existence.

Deferrari and Nahum built this album around the strong narrative of taking time to discover one’s own path amidst an increasingly fast-paced world tempting us to settle for smaller targets, an uplifting idea for which this album serves as a perfect example. With growing pressure from society, 28IF advises us to trust the process and allow ourselves to use our limitations to our advantage. This reflective journey is chaperoned by funk, jazz, tango, blues, Nordic electronics, chamber music, orchestral arrangements and good old unapologetic rock.

The album title 28IF contains clear nods to music history; we note a deep affection for the studio tricks of the Beatles, the cathartic stories of Genesis, the dramatic cries for love and freedom of John Coltrane, the road stories of Joni Mitchell, the ice-cold tremors of Björk. Even the title of the album is a sneaky homage to the Beatles and their stint in Abbey Road. Nanaue makes the conscious choice of walking in their footsteps and welcoming the distinct impact of each and every one of these musical legends; expect versatility, sophistication, musical paradoxes and timelessness.

“It’s unreal that the album is finally here,” reminisce Matteo and Emiliano. “We’ve been working on this music for so long that it’s been weird imagining 28IF as a completed record, a finished product. This project has tested all our skills; composing, arranging, orchestrating, conducting, editing, mixing, … The conditions weren’t always ideal but it was worth it. We’re very happy with the final result; a collection of truly beautiful songs, respecting the fundamentals of solid song-writing.”

Deferrari and Nahum have been musical partners for more than a decade now. After the release of their first self-titled album in 2013, both musicians moved elsewhere, to Belgium and Spain respectively. Although this made it harder to collaborate, they were able to release a few separate singles and even to co-wrote the soundtrack for the British film Hanging in there (2017) together. Beside Nanaue, Matteo composes music for film and music libraries, and teaches guitar and music production classes. Deferrari divides his time between his solo career and the fight for inclusion of people with disabilities. He also runs his micro label Rattsburg Records, spanning from art-pop to non-idiomatic improvisation.

The full album, 28IF, is out November 26th, 2021.