Monty is my last solo album, recorded in solitude in Brussels, mixed by Matteo Nahum in Valencia, and mastered by Nate Wood in Brooklyn, NY in 2018. The cover photo is by Pietro Fortuna. It is available on CD , numbered vinyls, download.  

Read highlights from the reviews here.

Emiliano Deferrari, Monty 2018. The last effort of Emiliano Deferrari, mixed by Matteo Nahum, mastered by Nate Wood.
Emiliano @ Wolke, Brussels, 2018 Photo by Gert De Taeye, 2018


"Monty is a fascinating journey through the wild mind of a maverick", PROG magazine, UK

“Monty, the surprise of the year”, (trad.) Fabio Zuffanti’s TOP 5, PsycandProg, Italy

"In Vuoto our host demonstrates that he is a gifted drummer and bassist, instruments that form the backbone of this well-thought-out song. Get It Right shows the chaos in the Capital, repetitive and rhythmic with unpredictable outliers." John Bobo Bollenberg, iO pages, Netherlands

“All in all, this is an intriguing ride with some stellar moments'. Gary Hill, Music Street Journal, USA

"Unpretentious and personal, even if you don’t speak the language the artsy mood simmers through like the sauce of Monday’s gnocchi", George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly, USA

"Nothing is impossible for one who’s ready to go all the way and make a strange land his own...", Dmitry M. Epstein, DMME Let it Rock, USA

"Expérimental et dérangeant, Monty est un mélange audacieux de jazz, de world et d'avant-garde", Corto, Music Waves, France

"The elegant and refined atmosphere created by the artist, his dreamy voice and some melodic solutions remind of Italian progressive pop of the seventies”, Michele Neri, Vinile, Italy

“The mix, by Matteo Nahum, highlights some effects and reverbs, while the later mastering, by Nate Wood, underlines the balance between a deep bass and subtle cymbals. Everything in a way in which Emiliano Deferrari, showing his talent, creates a disc of difficult hearing and perception, being only destined to specialized ears”, VIANOCTURNA, Portugal

"The haunting, spiritually awakening echoes of 'Aria' are the first sound to reach out to you and that is backed by the stoic, precise piano and drum lite 'Essere.' The mid-tempo, slow saxophone snap of 'Ecco' is one my my favorites, and I know it will be yours too, and that's followed by both the interesting soundscape of 'L'altroverso' and then comes the dedicated, strained even at times, piano work of 'Vuoto”, Anna Carlini, Exclusive Magazine, USA

"Beginning with the short 75-second instrumental "Aria," you are instantly transported to another realm of musical talent...". James Pasinski, JPs Music Blog, USA

"Vous l'aurez compris, nous avons là un disque différent, complètement hors modes, que seules les très grandes oreilles pourront apprécier à sa juste valeur ; si nous devions établir un parallèle avec quelque chose d'existant, le KING CRIMSON le plus intimiste de notre ami Robert serait un bon point de départ et d'achoppement...", Profil Prog, Canada

“If you are enthusiastic about very original music, which for lack of better comparisons I have put it close to the Canterbury-Prog, you should listen to it”, Siggy Zielinski, BabyBlaue, Germany

“The individual songs that we meet on the album "Monty" are arranged in such a way that it is easy to divide the album into two conventional parts: the first - musically more jazz and apparently improvised, while the second is more rhythmical and dynamic, with a drum machine and repeating like mantras, chorus, which reaches its zenith in the final and best "Fuoco" on the album”, Artur Chachlowski, MLWZ, Poland

"Fuoco, an excellent swinging mix of dance, progressive rock, experimental music and rousing rhythms, where sitting still is not an issue. "Monty" by Emiliano Deferrari is a nice sounding album, which contains some fantastic swinging songs and I can wholeheartedly recommend this album, to everyone who loves dance, pop, experimental music and progressive pop rock” Carry Munter, New Underground Music, Netherlands